Sunday, January 11, 2009

Living simply, living now.

Happy New Year everyone!

It's finally 2009 and before we know it 2010 will be knocking on our doors. These past few months have truly opened my eyes. Believe me, I know I sound like a broken record when every day something opens my eyes. The surgery went 'okay' and that's all I really can say on that. It didn't go bad.. just not how I would have liked it to. I went in not knowing the underlining cause of my stomach pain and I came out with answers. The answers have not been elimated though, and that's what I'm struggling with everyday. I have endometriosis in various spots. The main one is behind my uterus on the opposite wall (whatever that truly means in medical terms). It doesn't go away I'm told and the pain has not gone away. I feel the same way I did prior to my surgery. There's a few options to suppress the pain, but I'm not to keen on those ideas. I'm not complaining however, I think I hide it all pretty well. It'll take time but things will work out how they should. I'll make the best decisions for me.

Christmas, oh my my my.. CHRISTMAS! What a fabulous Christmas my family and I had. The majority of my relatives on my father's side all celebrated the 'EVE' together and it was such a blast. We couldn't have all asked for a better Christmas. Just to add we were missing alot of family, so of course that would have been truly amazing having everyone together.

This leads me to my project I'm working on, which hands down I'm pretty stoked about. If you have a huge family (not necessarily close, as most families have their arguments here and there) you will know what I mean. Everyone family has stories. My family (relatives included here of course) are always sharing stories whenever we're together. Ex: happy or sad memories; silly inside jokes; twisted stories since as years go on our memories fade away. Yet they're stories, and they make us who we are and each family member will carry those on forever. Going back 10 years, I wanted to put together a book of stories from my family. This way in 10.. 20.. 100 yrs from now generations can read about these life changing events, crazy stories and the ones that make you roll on the floor laughing. This past Christmas finally woke that idea back up. The book is going to be dedicated to my Memere and Papa, because without them my family would not be a family. As well dedicated to my Uncle Timmy who had passed away when we were younger. I feel this is something every family needs. Wouldn't you love to right now sit down and open up a book of stories that your great great-grandparents put together? To hear about what life was like when they were younger, or growing up? I will keep you posted with my progress.

So here we are 1/11/09, have you written down any goals? It seems everyone is so against writing goals down. I hear the same answer, 'eh.. I'll never do that.. That will never happen.. I stopped writing resolutions down'. The sad part is when we write down resolutions, it makes us feel we have a time limit of 365 days to get every item on our list checked off and completed. It shouldn't be looked at that way. It's the same thing as figuring out what you want to be, or do with your life. It takes time. You need to work on the minor aspects of your life. That way once they're all taken care of, all those minute and tedious little obstacles.. you can then move on to the BIG stuff!

I have a few goals.. taking care of things we need to do so Charlie and I will be in a house! I'm working really hard on my Photography and that'll be rolling any week now. I hope to advance with work. It takes time. Things will not happen over night, I know that.

I love you all and again.. HAPPY NEW YEAR! :) good luck!