Monday, January 19, 2009

What it means to simplify

'So much to do'.. that's what I think of the moment I wake up to the time my eyes shut at night and my body falls sound asleep. Do you ever find yourself in such a comfortable position that if only you could lock that moment in time and go back to it whenever you're stressed? I have those moments but it seems to never be the same. In other words, it's like going to the hair dresser, having your hair look and feel perfect and you can never get it like that again. I can't remember the last time I've been to a salon..

'So much to do'.. so what do I do about it? That's what I find myself asking.. myself in that comfortable position. It's been 3 yrs now since Charlie and I moved into our apartment. I have boxes still from my previous home of items I wasn't even aware were there. They say and I'm uncertain if its 1 or 2 yrs, but if you haven't touched, worn or used an item in that amount of time then it's good to throw it out. It's things you don't need. Now I'm sure they aren't referring to pictures, etc. Because pictures, there is no way those will ever be confined in a garbage bag. I went through clothes, tops that are still beautiful but I never wear because I accumulate more and more clothes. Those who know me, I'm a pack rat and I LOVE clothes :) Can I add a comment there, I'm a bargain shopper, so my life savings does not go to fabrics haha. I simplified my closets. Not only where my clothes rest, but my hallway closet.

I know these last few thoughts have no true importance, but it made me feel amazing. I feel amazing as I type. I have a sign when you walk in my home and the door shuts.. it says 'simplify'. That's how I look at life. If you're life is too congested, then that's how your life will play out. You'll feel like everything is caving in around you, that there's no where to go. For a while now I've had that feeling. It started to take over me, but I won't let it. You just need the motivation. Through everything recently, non stop stomach aches, migraines that just seem to visit whenever they choose.. I needed something.. I need to simplify what's pushing me down. Now you probably think, what does a semi-empty closet really do? Well it's actually going to help me in the future. See Charlie and I goal this year is getting a house. Now when we find a house, I don't want to spend weeks getting rid of garbage. I figure if I do this now, that's less stress in months from now that we or I will have to deal with. I'm trying to simplify now.

I guess the way I describe this whole transition I'm going through may in a way be organizing, but I don't think so. It's the end result of course, but there's still so much simplifying I need to do with my life.

I challenge all of you to simplify something in your life. Start small, go through a sock drawer lol. You must have socks with holes in them that just sit there and you never ever wear them. Go through a desk drawer and throw out those little pieces of paper, or pens that don't work. Perhaps you want to go bigger, through a cell phone and delete those numbers that you have no idea who they belong too or perhaps people you don't even speak to anymore. Maybe it's gathering all the loose change in your home, pockets, car and putting it into a savings account. Trust me, you'll be left with this amazing feeling. You'll be left sitting in this extremely comfortable position.. that same position you were trying so hard to find again that you can now lock in place. You'll know how to get back that feeling again. It's the feeling of something new, a new chapter.. you're simplifying you're life and now creating allowing so much more room for something great to come in. You're getting ready to move on with life.

That's my plan :)

I love you all very much. Go simplify!!