Friday, March 16, 2012

A Face In A Crowd..

Did you ever experience a moment.. where you see a familiar face in a crowd? Then you can't get to them? I had that today, except for the fact I was driving. 

It was a face of someone I knew long ago who in just a moment had  changed my life. It was a teacher, a plain ole' teacher that I had in Middle School. Same thing every day, I walked into class and grabbed my seat which was closest to the door. I was always the last one out though as I would gather my belongings. He was so sweet and reminded me of my dad. He always stood by the door and would greet everyone and then say goodbye as we each left. 

It wasn't until December 11th during that school year, in which he changed my life. It was the day after my grandmother had passed away after her battle with cancer. My parents wanted us to go back to school the following day with the hopes it would keep our minds busy while they made all of her arrangements. I just couldn't cope. I walked into this teacher's classroom and sat in my seat. I remember losing focus and I had to shake my head a few times. 

As all the other students one by one began walking into class he brushed through them and put his hand on my desk. He said, "Katie, may I speak with you?" He brought me outside in the hall to the team room which was directly next to his. From there he told me to sit down and so I did. He sat against the table and said, "Are you okay, Katie?".. From there he went on to tell me that he read in the newspaper that my grandmother had died. He told me a story about when he lost both his grandparents. I suddenly in that moment felt okay. I felt like I could get through this, that my entire family could. I felt and was confident that one day I could look back on that moment in time and find peace. Here I am today living proof of that. 

So today while driving I came to a complete stop. Diagonally to my left was another car stopped. The window was down and I could see so clearly. "I know that man." When it finally it hit me that it was my teacher it was too late and he had driven onward. I wanted to turn my car around, I wanted to honk my horn and make him stop. I began to cry in my car because I could do nothing. I wanted to get out and give him a hug and thank him for helping me during what was one of the toughest moments in my life. I wanted him to know that he played such a huge role in my life in which he probably never knew. 

That one face in a crowd changed my life. Perhaps someday I'll get the opportunity. But right now I'm just happy to say that one day we will be at peace with those moments in life that we felt were hopeless and we would never get through. We will, you will, I did. ♥