Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Cleaning out a closet one box at a time.

This evening I began cleaning out my closet. When I say cleaning out my closet, I really mean removing every thing from it. Since we moved in which was over 3 years ago, I have so many boxes on shelves in my closet. They torment me every day that I reach into the closet for an article of clothing. The boxes stress me out. Do you know that feeling? Since they stress me out and they reside in my closet with clothes and my closet resides in our spare room, I feel a weight on my shoulders each day that I get changed. It's been over 3 years and I continue to feel this way, because I've been too lazy to go through those boxes. I finally began the plunge this evening and even though I'm not even halfway finished I already feel relieved in a way.

What I loved about going through some of the boxes was all the interesting things that I found packed away from our apartment which we lived prior to buying our house. One of the things that I found was a notebook. Okay, realistically I found over 10 notebooks because I'm a nut when it comes to notebooks. I have created tons of poetry books, to do list's, random thought notebooks and also password books. It's unbelievable the amount of notebooks that were packed away in the boxes and also those hidden throughout our house. 

In one of the notebooks it lists all these things I wanted to change about myself & life in general. I can't even imagine how many other notebooks are similar to this one. I smiled though looking at the list. Why? Well, because the first few things on the list was "stop biting my nails... clear up acne..".. 

Have I mentioned that nail biting has been a habit I literally was born with, haha. I've struggled with biting my nails forever. I was never a girl that could paint her nails, because the nail polish was gone the following day. I never liked anyone seeing my hands, because I lived with so many people making negative comments about my nails. I've tried so many techniques & tips to quit biting my nails and nothing lasted. Go figure, that I get braces last July and without techniques & tips I stopped biting my nails. All because, well, I couldn't bite my nails with the braces.  It's a great feeling to paint my nails and make them look all pretty & girly. 

The second thing on my list was to clear up my face. Another thing I've been dealing for a long time. A little over 10 years now. I've tried everything under the sun (I'm sure you've heard that before). I really have.. except I had never gone to a doctor. Maybe it was my own pride and being too stubborn. I finally did in October and after a few months it's finally life changing for me. My face is not close to perfect, but it's a far way from where it began. I'm happy.

So you can see why I smiled tonight opening a box and looking through the old notebooks. Two things are checked off a list that has been rewritten over and over for what has been more than a decade of my life. I have so many other things on that list and slowly things are being checked off. 

Clean out your closet... you will feel accomplished.. maybe take some of that weight off your shoulders... perhaps you'll simplify your life a little (even if it's just your closet)... you'll learn about yourself too. :)