Friday, April 5, 2013

Loving my smile!

If you remember my post back in October [here] you'll see that one of my lists of life changes was my teeth. It's something that I always wanted corrected, but never in my wildest dreams did I think it would ever happen.... well it did. Last July at the office I work at (visit: Dr. Elena-Lee Ritoli, Orthodontics) I got braces on. Just a little over 8 months they are now off and my teeth have never looked so beautiful. I'm in awe and can't stop looking at my teeth in the mirror. Will this infatuation with my teeth end? I don't think it ever will, haha. I always loved smiling but now it's a different smile. There's more confidence behind my smile and I feel amazing. She does amazing work at the office in West Hartford. If you need an orthodontic, that's the place to go. I will now enjoy my first weekend without braces to eat all the foods I was good about and never ate, I'll enjoy some red wine, chips and something really, really chewy. Oh.. I am in love with my smile. Love YOUR smile!