Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fashion Rule #1: No White After Labor Day??

When I woke up this morning I went through my closet and decided it's definitely a pants sort of day. The hardest decision I had was whether I'd wear dark blue jeans, light blue jeans or the strange black/grey jeans. Aside from jeans I have a bunch of white pairs of pants. Why didn't I even nominate those pants? Well, because once Labor Day comes and goes "White Pants" is immediately out of site.. out of mind. I am not sure who actually even told me that. It's just so repetitive and I've heard many people say that since I was a child. Once that thought became clearly visible in my mind this morning, I decided... I call BS on that Fashion Rule and White Pants is what I'll wear and continue to wear throughout the Fall and Winter... If you'd like to see the story behind "No White After Labor Day" here is the Wikipedia Link

Wear whatever you are comfortable in & love it! :)