Sunday, August 22, 2010

Find out for yourself all of the strengths you have inside of you..

I was just listening to Jason Mraz, a personal favorite musician & lyricist of mine. He's quite inspriational and I go through life looking for guidance. Even though he's a bit famous and I've never met him, most likely will never.. I genuinely appreciate him being who he is and sharing what he's created with the world. So thank you Jason Mraz!

"Find out for yourself all of the strengths you have inside of you.." The very last verse to his song, 'Song For A Friend.' My last entry was putting together a list of things in my life that were related to the love in my life. I really enjoyed doing that, it felt good. I cried putting that together, but it wasn't because I was sad.. well I guess that's not true. Partly, I was sad thinking back to certain events but it was a good, therapeutic cry which is really healthy.

I've always been an open person and I think that goes back to when I was little and being quite the chatterbox, outgoing and being surrounded by really happy, exciting people. I think love and strength goes hand in hand. I don't think.. I feel that. What we overcome makes us stronger, but we lose, makes us stronger. When we give up on something it doesn't necessarily break us, we learn from it, so that too makes us stronger.

I think it's a great idea for everyone to take time to make a list of their strengths. You don't have to share it with anyone if you choose, but just so that you can remind yourself when times get hard what you've overcome. We're all super-men and women. After you make your list, take a look in the mirror and really look at yourself. That's you, the guy/girl who overcame all of that, it's pretty amazing, it really is.

Just a few things on my list of moments that have helped to make me strong:

..graduating High School, that's alot of years of education built up for one day. The friendships that were made and lost, taking something from all of them.
..being there with all of my grandparents when they were all fighting
cancer. Questioning my beliefs after losing each one and then the day I stopped being angry and began living with the memories and what I learned from all of them.
..when my first breast tumor was discovered when I was 19 and for almost 2 weeks they thought it was cancerous. Being the youngest in a room full of women all suffering from cancer and feeling their strength. My Dr was a true inspiration and helped me understand everything. 4 tumors later, they have all been benign.
..the first time my heart got broken and the first time I broke someone else's heart. You feel you can't go on, but you do, we always do and things get better.
..the day we moved out of the house we lived in for over 15 years. I thought life would never be the same, there was a huge hole in my heart. Then I realized how family made a house a home and not the location.

I love you all,