Sunday, August 29, 2010

There's no place like 'Home'..

At the end of August we will have been in our home for 10 months. That's along time to care for a house, pay a mortgage, etc. I think back to when we lived in our oh so fancy apartment for almost 4 years. Even though I appreciate having a place of our own and especially that is was in Plainville there is so much I do not miss.

You know me, I love lists. Love em! Everytime I get frustrated over something so small in our house I remind myself about the apartment. Now it wasn't bad and I promise to make a list of all the goods that happened while we were there. However, today I'm looking back at things that happened that help me appreciate our home! So here we go.

I sure don't miss.....

...the rotting pine trees in the parking lot that leaned over my little Ford Escort. It dripped sap all over and was awful to remove. Friends of mine who ever visited, I apologize for the sap on your car!
...having to contact the main office for 2 months straight until they fixed our mailbox, gave us a key only to have ripped up mail in the box accumulating overtime.
...the first neighbor across the hall who was overly friendly and creepy all at once. I was 5 minutes late running to the basement to grab my laundry just to find him removing it and folding it in my basket. He smiled and said 'I thought I'd fold it for you and bring it up' I replied nicely..'Please don't touch my laundry'
...the washer and driers in the scary, dark, dirty, smelly basement. Going back to my previous comment (5 minutes late).. neighbors would leave it over night and at one point 2-3 days in a row. I put up a sign one time, very nice and one of the neighbors ripped it down and threw it out. Sidenote: No one ever cleaned out the lint.
...when it snowed and it took until 5pm that day for the plows to come and clear everything out. Meanwhile, your pants for work were nice and wet, of course cold and icycles hanging off.
...our crazy neighbor living below us. When I say crazy I'm being nice.. I really mean psychotic. Friends, how can you forget? He was constantly yelling throwing things, honking his horn, very unfriendly. He lived with his wife/fiance/girlfriend (either way she was unfaithful) and children.
...our crazy neighbor (yep same guy) who parked in front of the door everyday even though it was the fire lane. It didn't allow the rest of us to park in front to drop off groceries off.
...the cracked window in the kitchen. It was our first day and I was sure to call them to let them know there was a crack. We didn't want to move out one day and not get our deposit back. 4 yrs later we move out and I waved goodbye to the cracked window that never got fixed.
...when there was a break in to a bunch of cars outside our building. There was a huge spot light that faced the cars that was out for months. I wrote letters as well Charlie and I both called. Nothing was done and Friday, October 13th was the night some youngin's broke up and stole some stuff out neighbors cars. Did you know the next day the light got fixed? Well.. I'll be!
...brown water! The pipes were rusty and on so many occasions you had to let the water run for a few minutes before hopping in. Let me say though, I am THANKFUL we had warm water. It's just rather nice in our house seeing how clear it is against a white bathtub.
...speedbumps. As fun as they are to speed and fly over my little Ford Escort (rip where ever you are) got a beating underneath.

The end! :)