Monday, August 16, 2010

Hello to you too, Love.

Life is crazy, would you agree? I look back to the order of events that brought me to this moment, suppose I do that everyday. Thinking of the most important people in my life and reasons why we are all placed the way we are in one another's lives.

Love is crazy. There's so many different types of 'love'. There's the L word that people are scared to say to someone they may be falling for. There's the love we feel for our pets, our friends, people who made a difference in our lives, a stranger that made your day. A moment, a shirt or pair of jeans, flowers, a book that changes your life. We love air condition when it's hot. There's the love that we can't explain and just feel.

All the people, moments, things that play a part of our life we love when we stop to think about it. I felt like putting a list together of things I love and what love means to be. It's a bit random but while waiting for the laundry to be done and in between cleaning I felt why not sit and make this list. As you know, I love, love, the whole concept of it. I'm feeling more and more lately that people are losing site of love and those that fill our lives up of love and the things around us we're taking for granted.

So here's my list.. what love means to me in no particular order.

Love is..
.. waking up, walking outside to a rose bush that happened to bloom over night. Never owning a house and here I am picking my first rose, putting it in a shotglass on my counter.
.. the excitement of our new puppy, Peanut wagging his stubby tail the momeny I come home.
.. going to the cemetery every spring to plant flowers at my Memere, Papa and Uncle's grave. Something I used to do with my Memere.
.. watching 'It's a Wonderful Life' every yr before Christmas time and thinking what a wonderful life I have being able to share with my family and friends.
.. feeding ducks with Charlie at Mill Pond when we first started dating - 9 years ago.
.. someone asking 'How are you today' when I'm having an awful day and even though I always say 'I'm doing great'. I love that you asked.
.. watching old videos from High School that my best friends and I put together.
.. Cold, raspberry ice tea
.. a hug from someone I haven't seen in a long time because it's expressing how much you've missed each other.
.. Cherry, my favorite stuffed animal that I was given the last Christmas that we had with my Papa.
.. Singing in the car with the windows down.
.. Hiking with good people who appreciate nature as much as I do.
.. old photographs which what I take today will someday be.
.. silence when my mind and heart need it.
.. a best friend book that Tania gave me when we were 19 and we've both filled out. It's not complete, but it exists and has such great memories.
.. the poetry book I started in 3rd grade (which I still have of course)
.. the first time I drank malibu & pineapple with Charlie at the casino when I turned 21.
.. the inside jokes with my family that never get old and we can laugh about over and over.
.. being strong and overcoming bad/sad obstacles with my family.
.. the pain I feel when family is fighting, because love is being challenged.
.. playing tennis in High School and being apart of an amazing team.
.. art class and all the talented friends I made. We all supported one another and could see things other people couldn't.
.. Old Orchard Beach and staying in the same cottages for 20 years.
.. born with that outgoing characteristic which allowed me to make friends easy.
.. living next to my grandparents as a child and calling my Papa my best friend.
.. making a chocolate milkshake just right.
.. seeing my Grandma's huge smile when I said she's a 'Cool Grandma' when she bought a bandana after she started to go through her Chemo treatments.
.. my last sleepover with my Memere before she passed away and what we talked about.
.. Sitting at home with my sister on a Saturday night watching an awful movie with Lou Diamond Philips.
.. Charlie playing his guitar and knowing he feels at peace.
.. hearing my parents laugh.
.. having genuine parents who raise you to love everyone and not hold grudges.
.. crying with a close friend.
.. worrying about people who mean the world to you.
.. being scared.
.. giving a good tip.
.. hot chocolate when it's snowing.
.. the day we were told Nevan won't make it and he did.
.. not having an actual brother but living next to my little cousin who IS my brother.
.. honesty, that's all I've ever asked for.
.. when a stranger holds the door open and smiles before walking away.
.. staying home, drinking wine and taking goofy pictures with a friend.
.. going for a walk at the park and catching up with someone you haven't seen.
.. getting a text from a good friend to say 'hope you have a great day today, I'm thinking of you'
.. my greens eyes that I was once told by my Papa.."that means you're extra Irish"
.. my tears
.. building forts in the living room with Kelly in elementary school when Mom worked late. Dad let us get away with so much.
.. the feeling when I was tall enough to go on bumper cars without an adult.
.. the day I got my driver's license.
.. getting an award at work which makes you realize what you did, didn't go unnoticed.
.. the smell of my favorite candle that just eases me.
.. personal notes in a Birthday card.
.. getting mail which does not include bills.
.. doing something just because and seeing the smile on your face.

This list could continue and one day I will add to it. I love you all for so many different and simliar reasons. We keep each other's hearts going.