Thursday, December 22, 2011

Beautiful Memories.

My sincere apologies for neglecting Love is Everywhere. It's been quite busy these past few months trying to get my business going. I can actually say in this moment.. right here.. right now.. that I am very happy. With that said I wanted to share with you some memories of mine. I'm in the midst of putting together a little something for all of my relatives on my father's side and I came across so many beautiful photos. 

This photo was taken so many Christmas' ago. Actually 2 decades ago. It amazes me how quickly time has passed on by. I'm the little one on the bottom right. The rest are a handful of my cousins, there are so many more. Also, my sister (top left) is here ♥

This is a photo of my Memere and Papa who I have written about from time to time. I thank them for all of the beautiful family members in the photo above. If it weren't for my Memere and Papa having 7 children I would not have 15+ amazing cousins! ♥

This photo is includes all of my cousins minus 2 that were not born yet. When this picture was taken, it was also the last Christmas with my Papa. This was the Christmas where I received Cherry my childhood mouse. Sadly, since this photo we have not been able to get another photo with all of the cousins as we are all scattered around. I pray that someday before we're all too old to sit on each other's laps and squeeze into a photo we can be together.