Sunday, December 4, 2011

My Home Studio!

Hello to all! I apologize for my lack of posts over the past few weeks. I've been trying to put all my focus on my business. I decided a few months back that I wanted to put a Photography Studio in our home. With the support of my wonderful boyfriend, Charlie I've been working my butt off at completing is. Here is the progress so far. I'm still waiting on my backdrops and stand to come in. The lighting is here but not up yet. My new business cards arrived yesterday and I'm so excited to share and hand them out with everyone around me. I thank you all for all of the lovely comments and e-mails I've received of your support. It means the world to me.

This was just the beginning stages. I decided to go with a retro feel to my room. I received so much advice from other photographers in regards to what color to paint the room. 50% told me black and the other 50% said white. It's really all about controlling the lighting. So I decided to go with 50/50. Two walls (opposite to one another) are white and the other two are dark grey. I absolutely love it. I think that if Audrey Hephburn was to create a Photography Studio she would have chosen the exact same thing ♥

I'm colour blind if I hadn't mentioned before. There's certain colours I can see clear as day and others I need help deciding on. When I was at Target getting curtains for the slider doors I asked a woman if they were purple or grey. She said purple but I still thought they were grey and brought them home. Then one of my besties stopped by to check out my progress and confirmed they are in fact purple but they look great against the wall. 

I wanted to find the perfect lamp for my desk. it is :)

This is the opposite wall. I chose to go with white curtains with grey (really purple) designs vs the other wall is white on grey (purple, I know). I love it. I still need more decor and once the lights and backdrops are up I will share with you all more pictures. 

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