Monday, September 1, 2014

81 Days Until We Meet You

This puppy.. okay so he will be 5, but to me all dogs are still puppies no matter what age they are. There's this beautiful youth they each have hidden away that they show at random moments. Peanut can be a Grumpy Old Man at times and just lounge not wanting to be bothered, which is very rarely I should add. Mainly, his #1 job in life is to love everyone and to make them feel loved. 

The moment we walk in the backdoor he greets us by jumping off the couch, while we hear his little paws pitter pattering and then he attempts to leap a whole 3 inches off the floor. It's his routine and then we pick him up. If Charlie and I walked in together whoever is not holding him walks close to the other so Peanut can switch off giving each of us an enormous amount of kisses all of our face and noses. 

What I enjoy is being home before Charlie and watching Peanut go from being in a dead sleep, to his ears perk up when the truck enters the driveway. He paces on the couch until he knows that Charlie has stepped onto the back deck and then there he goes full speed to the back door. Peanut seems to time is perfectly to be right there as Charlie opens the door. It amazes me and fills my heart to see how excited this pup is to his dad and best friend. 

We talk about Peanut everyday when Autumn arrives. We tell him everyday that he's still our baby too and we want him to show Autumn love just as he does us. We pray Autumn will feel the same way about Peanut as she gets older and they will have some great memories together.

#81: Watching the friendship that you and Peanut will have together.