Monday, September 1, 2014

84 Days Until We Meet You

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, that there is no denying of. However, I want to talk about the reality in which there is so much that I feel is left out. Perhaps, it's just not always explained fully as each woman goes through different experiences yet they're the same. We don't want to complain or sound weak. 

The moment I became pregnant it almost feels as if all control of my body was lost. It's not your body anymore. There is so much natural happenings going on that changes from day to day, week to week and month to month. The pains in different areas that come and go. The extra weight that surprises you in parts of your body that you haven't yet discovered. There's the swollen kankles ankles that leave your feet hurting as you take steps. 

There's the itchiness on my stomach, arms, wrists and legs along with light burning feeling as the skin stretches. There's also the dizziness and nausea earlier on during the pregnancy which takes a toll as it felt the flu set in.

Then there are the mood swings. It's not just an excuse, it's the truth (haha). Your body is going through so much, very fast that the emotions are hard to pinpoint and why you even feel the way you're feeling. 

However, overtime it all passes. In stages I should say as there is always some type of strange change going on throughout your body. It's all worth it and if I'm given the opportunity again someday I hope to do it all again. 

With all of these changes in my body I know who's responsible for them and she's going to be looking up at us before we know it with beautiful eyes saying, "Hello, I'm Autumn"

#84: Folding construction paper and cutting out hearts, tying strings and making a mobile.