Monday, January 2, 2012

Memories from 2011 ♥

January: We celebrated Peanut's 1st Birthday. The amount of Love he has brought into our lives is undescribable.

February: One of my besties, Corinne bought her first home which also happens to be in walking distance to us. It's so comforting knowing we have such great friends right in our neighborhood!

March: I came home from work to find that the two cats (Nevan & Minnie) and our little Peanut had gotten into the cabinets and had a Catnip Party in our home.

April: Charlie and I went to New York on a beautiful Spring Day. We had one of the best days together, eating burgers in Central Park, enjoying the colorful scenery. It was lovely. 

May: Two of our best friends, Ryan and Alisha welcomed the most beautiful little man, RJ into the world.

June: I lost a very close friend, Sherry who was fighting cancer on and off for over 5 years. She made such an incredible impact on my life as well those around her.

July: Charlie and I spent the day at the beach with some of our besties Justin and Jen. We went to Rhode Island and had such a blast in the sun, on the beach, enjoying the company of each other, laughing, having lunch. It was a perfect summer day.
I also made my first trip alone to NYC to be with my bestie, Tania. We had the best time together, eating at the Melting Pot then having a fun night out on the town, dressed up, looking beautiful and being our silly selves.

August: Enjoyed my 21st year in Old Orchard Beach, ME with my family and of course the love of my life, Charlie.

September: I left my job of 5 years to pursue what I always wanted to do, my Photography. The same day, for the first time in my life I hopped on a plane (or two) and flew across the US to San Diego. My dream has always been to make it out to California. The best part was who I was flying to. My bestie Alisha and her son RJ. 

October: My oldest friend since I was a little toddler, Matt married the love of his life, Leland. It was such an extraordinary Wedding. To be apart of it and also photograph their special day meant the world to me.

November: After starting my own Photography Business venture, I decided to put a Studio in our home. This gives me the option to take indoor sessions. It's beautiful, convenient and perfect.

December: My BFF, Tracy, of almost 15 years is now engaged. Her fiance proposed to her making her the happiest woman! I'm so excited to be apart of their lives.