Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sharing a Love Story ♥

Once upon a time there was a young princess awaiting the day she would meet her one true love. She would hope day after day that fate would bring her prince galloping towards her on a white horse. His gleaming armor would shine by the light of the stars, and he know that she was his soul mate at first sight. But the young girl kissed frog after frog and made wish after wish, only to no avail. Her prince was no where to be found. Years passed and the princess was near giving up hope, until one day when she realized it was right next to her. He had been by her side all along, he was her best friend. But why had he never said anything? Why did he not sweep her away with first sight? The princess thought and thought and thought, but the prince she was starting to love did not love her she thought. 
One day when the princess was having a not so terrific day, the prince took it upon himself to tell her that she was the most beautiful lady in the land. This gave the princess hope, not only hope, but courage too. She asked him, ever so shyly, if he would like to accompany her to the upcoming ball. He regretfully declined her offer because he was entering a jousting  tournament. The princess was heartbroken, but she too would not go to the ball, but to his tournament instead. After climbing his way to the top, the prince won the tournament, the princess felt she needed to reward the man for his accomplishment, so she offered him a friendly choice, somewhat friendly, and not so friendly choice. The choices were: she would do his Latin for a week, lunch on her, and a kiss. To her pleasure he picked the kiss.
And a kiss it would be; the mark of the beginning of something beautiful. One short week after their first kiss, the young couple could not bare to remain just friends. On a magical day marked in history as 10.10.10, the young prince asked the young princess if she would allow him to court her. With no hesitation the princess gleefully said yes. 

So overwhelmed with the excitement of a new love she wrote:
Ten, Ten, Ten
This day,
Everything falls into place.
Now we begin our always.
Together we take,
Each other hands and say,
Now and everyday,
Together forever and always.
Each and every,
Night and day.
The excitement of this new love, although thirteen months old, still lives on as strong as ever. It is a love of two people who's differences complete each other as if one. It is a love that will last through the hardships of the past, the troubles of the present, and the wars of the future. It is a love that the world will remember. It is a love that every person deserves. It is a love that may be as strong as others, but is all their own, perfect for their lives together. It is a love, nothing explains it better.

To Dustin Crysel
From Victoria Vida

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