Sunday, January 29, 2012

Poetry is Beauty

For some reason just within the past week or two I decided that I would like to being painting again. Along with that, I pulled out a few of my old poetry books that were tucked away and began reading several of them. It's funny because some of them I just don't remember writing. I can't even begin to put myself back in the moment that creating all of those thoughts which then were put in cute flower designed notebooks. I've decided to share a few of them, so I'll pick one for each day of the week. Enjoy! ♥

As a feather falls
so does one
lightly.. calmly.. softly..
onto the ground
into the hands of another
We fall unexpected into love
Blinded by something so bright
Something so beautiful
Something unimagined
Yet they say one in love
can be deceived
That pain follows
That the light that blinded you
Can be covered by clouds..
But the clouds disappear.. they are never permanent
As pain.. is not permanent..and can pass
But when you see a feather fall
Catch it..
for if you just watch it fall
lightly.. calmly.. softly..
it may land some where..
where it does not belong..
One does not just fall in love
by coincidence
One must reach out their hand.