Monday, January 16, 2012

New Beginnings.

There's a bunch of chances for new beginnings recently. Today, my mom had a double knee replacement. She's been in pain for years and walking has become more difficult for her each day. I can't tell you how happy our family has been for this surgery, because she'll live a more fulfilling life, no pain and easier to walk. She looks forward to our summer vacation in Maine when August comes. This past summer she couldn't even go to the beach once during our whole week. Her surgery went well, she's very uncomfortable today but that's normal knowing how intense the procedure is since it's both knees. Please send prayers and positive thoughts my mom's (Kathy) way for a fast recovery ♥

Tomorrow I start a part time job which I'm thrilled for. I've been applying to find something just a few days during the week so I can spend my weekends on my Photography. Wish me luck!