Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Clovers, Hearts, Trees & Love

One day a girl took a walk outside to breathe in the fresh air.
Having A/C on such a hot day is a gift; however, you lose out on Mother Nature.
She ventured far and wide... as her yard could reach.
There was patches of clovers everywhere below her feet.
Trying to avoid crushing them, she thought to herself..
"I'm Irish".
She pulled apart one that had only 3 leaves.
Her eyes weren't strong enough to search for a hidden 4 leaf.
Just a nicer way of calling herself lazy.
And there lay 3 hearts in her hand.
She thought to herself..
So she plucked a few pieces of grass and in her hand..
She created a word as if it were all a small little puzzle yelling out for her to complete.
The final product was quite beautiful.
Until the little companion she was venturing with wanted to see.
She knelt down to his level and within seconds..
Her little friend ate the creation in her hand.

The End.