Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Living life from a different angle.

The moment Charlie or I entered our house, Peanut goes crazy. His little nub tail wags faster then lightening strikes. He cries and runs in circles. Then his final reaction to us coming home is running and jumping on the couch to wait for us to sit down. He waits (because I speak dog language) for us to sit on the couch so that he's at our level. Then he has the perfect height to attack our faces and lick us until we're all slobbed in Peanut kisses. I went outside to take photos and thought to myself, why not enjoy life from Peanut's point of view. So we laid on the ground for just a few moments as the little bugs wanted to crawl all over me and he gave me thank you kisses. 

There's a lesson in every moment of our days. Mine today is going forward I'd like to relive moments from different perspectives. Maybe lay down in a park at my favorite spot instead of sitting on a bench or standing to take photos. I guess I'll be rolling around in the grass more often, so I better find me some cute overalls. ;)