Wednesday, August 22, 2012

When Nature Knocks.. Build a Bench!

Nature is so beautiful. We took a ride this past Sunday after I spent the entire day Saturday in the house editing photos. I needed to breathe. We both needed to escape so we went on a very long, overdo 'road trip'. As past repeats itself there was no assigned destination. We let the road lead us and we ended up in a park we've driven by so many times but never explored. It was quiet. It was peaceful and most of all we found a little campsite. Okay, so there was no campers or anything but there was leftover ashes from a firepit and that's where I fell in love.... I fell in love with the coolest bench ever. You'll see above 'the bench'. Now it's not just any bench, it's a REAL bench. So now, naturally it's on my list of things to create. My goal is to have this baby created by the end of September. I already found where I need to purchase the slab that we'll sit on and I want to stumps just like those. Oh man.. my life has changed just from seeing this silly little bench. It's the small things that make us happy.