Sunday, August 12, 2012

Your first worry.. should be YOU.

Too often I get so wrapped up in the outside world, and worrying about those around me that I forget about this girl. I make these lists of things I need to do that will benefit others but not much that benefits me. I let me own health slip by coming up with excuses not to look into things. I really don't take care of myself as I should.

But there some things recently that I've been doing, decisions that better me in a way that makes me feel great. I got braces (adult braces I like to call them). I always hated my teeth. Yes, that's very superficial but it's something I needed fixed at a young age but we really didn't have the money then. I've been fortunate to get a second chance at getting them and my teeth will be nice and straight and I'll enjoy looking at photos of  myself so much more. Also, I won't have problems with my jaw and grinding my teeth. Hey, that's a health fix if I may say so!

I get tired constantly.. but who doesn't? I wake up throughout the night worrying about so many little things in life. I'm going to work on writing things down when I wake up and what's keeping me from sleeping. Then I can go right at that and try to narrow things down.

I wasn't eating properly, for quite some time.. or I should say almost my entire life. My weight fluctuated and at times it was really dangerous. I'm finally doing so good and I'm pretty proud of myself. I don't think I'm overdoing it. Now that my diet is better, I look forward to dedicating some exercise in the mix.

I want to start meditating. I want to devote time each day for myself, just me... and I. I'd like to feel at peace more than anxious.

I don't want to live my life away, worrying like I do. I want to be okay with only being able to handle what's in front of me and not thinking constantly about what's next. I want to feel more alive and get back into finding the love that's out there and making it more visible for others. But first, I have to work on this girl.