Thursday, November 10, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

- I had lunch with a close friend of mine at Panera Bread (mmm, of my top favs) yesterday. She looked up at me and had this huge smile on her face and pointed to her head. I looked around and there was a cute, little old man with the most obvious toupee on his head. The worst part is he was with his daughter. I promise now to my Dad when and if he ever needs one, we'll make sure it matches all of his hair that's still hanging around.
- I was trying to take some Holiday photos of Peanut yesterday outside. There was a dog a few houses down barking that Peanut found more interesting, even though he couldn't see him or her.. Peanut was just not feeling the photo shoot. I really need a studio.. sound proof preferably.. :)
- Letting your stomach grawl, grunt and do flips for hours only because you're too stubborn to decide on what to eat!
- Approaching someone with the impression I've met them a few times before. Going over all possibilities of how we knew each other just to find was definitely the first time we ever met.
- Typing out the word possibilities wrong in the previous note and realizing there's quite a few "i's" in that word.
- Getting an automated call from CVS Pharmacy for someone else. I followed the prompts to talk to someone to explain it's the wrong number they have on file, only to get a speech about why I need to get my flu shot. 

- I'm currently working with a good friend of Charlie's to help put together a Photography site for my little business. Very psyched for the final product and things are looking up! I've been having such a blast at photographing more sessions and growing my business. Indescribable feeling!
- We're having a fire at our home on Friday Night, always a fun time and definitely a way to save money. With all of the trees that fell down in our back yard from this past storm we'll have plenty of wood to keep the fire burning. It's funny how things work out. 
- Having a the most delicious sushi this past week ♥
- Since the storm we have only had beautiful weather each day.Today may be a bit cloudy, but it's dry and that gives perfect walk around aimlessly weather! (I jinxed today, as it's now raining)
- When you feel like your life has made a full circle, in a great way. Reuniting with friends I've lost touch with for years a at time. Welcoming and being welcomed into new friends lives. That's awesome.