Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thank You. Here's a Smile for You!

A little over a year ago I wrote this post about my wonderful friend Sherry. At the time she had been battling cancer on and off for years. During that time she was going to be in the hospital for the Holidays and we went to decorate her room to cheer her up. She sadly passed away early last summer.

I think of her everyday along with all loved ones in my life that are no longer here. There's always a few minutes in our day to do so, and I try to take advantage of those times. I think of all the conversations we had alone and those with our group of friends with every visit to see her. She was always so supportive of our decisions; however, she was honest and told us when she felt we should be going in a different direction. The minute you began asking her questions about her, she would smile and say "enough about me, let's talk about you." You could see it in her eyes that she lived to care for others. She always wanted to help us and didn't want us to worry.

One of the repetitive conversations I had with Sherry was about my job at the time and my dream to pursue my photography. She was always reminding me that there is more to life out there, more that I need to be doing, and I wouldn't find it where I was. She left her strength for all of us and that is what got me through my days. That is what has pushed me to go out and start becoming what I've dreamt of being.

I think we all have someone like Sherry in our lives but we tend to not realize what a great impact they've made until it's too late. I am fortunate enough to have been able to express to her what an amazing impact she made on my life along with our other friends. And I know she's been with me and will continue to be on my new journey.

I'm also very lucky to have many genuine people in my life that each day support me. This week in bright lights, on TV, in the store windows, all over the internet is reminding us to be Thankful for those in our lives. Those Sherrys that keep us on our toes, hold us up when we're falling. Those Sherrys that give us strength to make decisions that have been so difficult to make on our own. I thank you all for being you, being wonderful. Sending x's and o's your way. Pass them along those those you love too! ♥