Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Who turned off the lights?

First, I apologize truly for the lack of posts. These past few days have been quite a new experience for us here in CT. Today marks Charlie and I, 2 year Anniversary living in our home. With that said we were just hit with a blizzard Saturday that has left us without power. The rumor is almost 90% of the state of CT is without power. You would think we would be complaining and miserable? We're not! I'll tell you why!

1. We are not alone. What I mean by that is so many other people are in the same position as us. When the power goes out, for most that means no heat. That's us too. We are very fortunate to have been able to borrow a space heater that runs off a propane tank which we took from our lovely grill outdoors! So, needless to say we have heat!
2. Saturday night we huddled at one of my besties house up the road. She too was effected by all of this but has a fireplace. We had such a great night. Drank wine, played board games, talked, laughed and enjoyed this new experience of living in the dark. It was beautiful.

3. Fall is not even over and there is a ton of snow (slowly melting) on the trees. The leaves haven't even finished changing colours yet. Crazy! I know! Believe me. It is quite a new site for me. You'll see in the photos the bright leaves along with a black & white background. No photo touch ups here, this is pure nature!

4. There is a 'hellalotta' damage all around us. Trees fell, took down power lines. The upside to it all is no one was hurt (that I've heard about). Like someone said on the radio yesterday... "trees grow back, plant a new one. be happy that you are all safe." I keep thinking about that the more I look around and see how destructive this event has been.
There are so many more pictures, but sadly I am working off of minimal internet right now

I hope where ever you are tonight, you are safe and warm. We're so thankful for the minimal damage we have in our yard. Our home is still in one piece and we're doing fine with the fabulous space heater. One of my besties is staying with us. Our other besties up the road have power and have let us take hot showers, watch movies and cook food. They are so amazing. We owe them big time for their genuine hospitality. ♥