Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Falling Into Place.

This past weekend I spent an entire day with very close friends of mine. We enjoyed each others company as we always do and during that time we discussed our past. I think often where my life has taken me. The people I've met, whether it was briefly or a relationship was made..  those that have hurt me and especially those that I have hurt.

I think everyone can agree with me (or I would like to think each one of you does) that we have all had some pretty low times. I can't count the amounts of times I've been through one of those. When I say 'low' it does not at all mean I was destructive, just that decisions I made which effected others and myself I was not proud of. I've made choices of certain people to be around that may not have brought out the greatest parts of me, I've been attracted to people that I hurt because the time was just not right in my eyes, those that were really close to me I didn't treat with the amount of respect and love that I now know I was capable of showing, and the list goes on. 

All and all, through those low times I've learned. I can sit here writing about my past, upset about all of those not so great times and be so proud of the person I am today. I may not have a lot to give. We're not rich by any means and time can be taken up by so many little things. But I do have a lot of love here and I know how to forgive.

I look around at some people I know that haven't reached that point. I see people hurting other people and hurting themselves at the same time. They can't move on from their past or do not wish to acknowledge it. The only thing we can do, really, is bite our tongue and hope they find the path that makes them happy in life. The path that makes them sleep better at night and hold onto great relationships. When that day comes, this world will be a better place. ♥

Exciting & Happy News!

Tomorrow will begin the first of many posts called Love at First Bite. One of my best friends from childhood who is one phenomenal cook will be sharing on Wednesdays with us some of his favorite recipes. So get ready to be awed and hungry!

Also, my venture in my Photography Business is growing. This past weekend I had more sessions and you can find some of them on my Facebook Photography page. A website is in the works, so stay tuned! Visit here!