Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Finding What Makes You, You!

Today I'm reaching out to all of you with both arms. I'd love to get feedback. Have you ever had your own business? What was it? What advice do you have for me that could help? What things should I stay away from? Any suggestions, tips, words of wisdom and criticism I would love to hear (read). ♥

The last few weeks I've been busy kicking off my Photography Business. It's definitely a challenge working on my own and who knows what the future will bring. What I do know is that I'm happy, really happy. Enjoying each session, getting to know people and give them beautiful photos. I'm also in the midst of planning out a studio in my own home. I'm totally psyched for that and to begin this project. This allows me to offer an indoor location which is something I've lacked during my years of taking photos. I've also, been working on getting my website together and I can't wait until it's in one piece and ready for viewing! I have a wonderful friend of Charlie's assisting me. 
[Photo taken by one of my very talented friend's Dave]

*Tomorrow there is another special treat coming your way from the new Wednesday series "Love at First Bite." If you missed last weeks, you can check it out here.