Monday, August 29, 2011

Adios, Irene!

I'd like to say she's gone, Irene that is. However, there's still so many people without power and others unable to go to work. So she's still here in spirit. One that we wish away. Yesterday, after the rain stopped one of my besties and I went on a bit of an adventure. We walked down to a center that we were told was completely flooded. It sure was..
Happy Photos:
The top left photo is of a small branch of leaves that fell in our driveway. Out of complete boredom I decided to cut each leaf into a heart. 
The top right is of Peanut, running around after the rain ended and turned into sprinkles. He's so very happy, can't you tell?
Bottom right is of a rainbow. Just like there's always sun after the rain, there is also a rainbow!
8th photo down on the left. It's a heart (of course). We happened to walk over it on the train tracks. ♥

These photos were from our trip to Rhode Island today. Yes, Hurricane Irene made her way there too :(