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Sharing a Love Story ♥

Our Love Story: A Backwoods Boy and a Fairy Tale Princess

Its funny how detailed you can remember a story when its something that is so meaningful to you. Our story beginnings in August 2001 in a high school art classroom. It was my freshman year and I had elected to take my first real art class even though art had been a part of my life for a long time already. The teacher had decided to have the students sit at tables arranged alphabetically by last name. I was sat at a table that was about 6 students, of which only 2 looked familiar. One of which was a boy I had gone to middle school with, the other a boy that was on the varsity baseball team. I knew this because I played softball and we all tended to hang around the same group of friends. The two of them seemed to know one another and were carrying on a conversation of which I couldn't hear.

Since I am shy, I decided to be my usual good student self and got to work on my project. We were to basically trace/draw the alphabet, both lower and uppercase, in calligraphy with a sharpie. I had done this in the past many times before, so I was finished well before the other students. I tried to occupy myself while waiting for everyone, and then I heard the baseball boy, who I later learned his name to be Matt, say something about how I had already finished. I giggled, told him it was easy, and the conversation between the three of us began from there. Somehow after a few minutes, I had been convinced to do Matt's work for him. I wasnt sure if it was because I was bored and had nothing else to do, or if he just had a way of talking that intrigued me. 

Unfortunately a few days later both Matt and I had transferred out of the class for different reasons. I assumed I would see him again considering we both played on sports teams, but didnt think much of it. That is until one day when a friend of mine had asked if I would skip class with her. As mentioned before, I was a good student, and I had never missed a class unless I was sick and didnt come to school. But somehow she convinced me to go with her. (you may see a pattern here, I dont really like to say no) So we waited passed the third bell (which meant we were late) and sneaked over to the front of the school. I was surprised when Matt was standing there waiting for us. Turns out, the two of them knew each other and he was the one that was going to be driving (since neither of us had a car, nor a license). Then all of a sudden one of my friends classmates appeared and told her that the teacher knew she was skipping and she was going to miss a pop quiz. So even though she went back to class, I didn't really know how to explain to my teacher that I was late and decided to skip anyways. 

So I get into a car with a boy I barely know to skip class for the first time, and where does he say were going? To the courthouse for an appearance he has to make for getting arrested. I think, SHIT?!?! what have I gotten myself into, but then again this was the first time for a lot of things so I figured why not. Ironically, it turns out he was really just brought to the police station for trespassing at a private beach club (the same beach club that Ive been to a few times because my grandparents belonged to it) because him and some friends were going to a party they had been invited to, unfortunately the people throwing the party hadn't gotten permission to have the party and had gotten quite a few people in trouble. By the time we were done we had talked alot and I thought it sounded like he was a little interested in me.

Boy was I wrong. I had him drop me off at my friends house (same friend who was supposed to skip with us) and as I opened the door to get out he asked me if I could talk to my friend for him. As in he liked her and did I think he had a chance with her. Shocked, but being the nice person I am I ended up hooking them up together and they dated on and off for the next year. Conveniently, said friends mom didn't really like Matt. So she would tell her mom she was sleeping at my house and then everyone would come to my house and hang out. Matt and I actually became extremely close friends by hanging out so much with each other, most of the time waiting on her. We actually became so close that he went with my on family vacations, and vice versa. In the beginning his family couldn't understand, I was his girlfriends best friend? Where was she? Why wasn't she with him on this trip? And so forth.

Im not sure exactly when we finally figured out that what we had was more than a friendship, but fast forward a couple years and he was taking me to prom. That summer I decided I wasnt leaving to go away to college, but instead going to a local university. We got our first apartment together and lived there for 6 years together while I finished college. We talked all the time about spending the rest of our lives together and starting a family. I couldnt picture it any other way, but we both decided that we would wait until I had graduated.
Fast forward to December 2008. I graduate from college and we planned a cruise to celebrate that and my birthday. In the back of my mind I of course was thinking "wouldn't this be perfect? He can propose to me on the cruise?" A couple of my close friends knew about our plan to wait until school finished and one even asked me at my graduation party if I thought it would happen during our vacation. I did. But then that night on the way home from the party Matt looked at me and said "Babe, I hope you know I love you more than anything, and if we could afford it you know I would give you a ring, but we just cant do that right now." 

Although I was a little heartbroken, I understood, and told him not to worry. With the thought completely out of my mind, I decided to make the best of our vacation. Everything was going so great. We visited a couple islands. I dragged Matt to every photo stand on the cruise ship, and at this one stand, right in front of a spiraling staircase, Matt completely surprised me by getting down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him in front of a ton a people. I couldn't stop smiling but managed to say Yes in the midst of everything.

We have now been married for almost 8 months, although we've been together for going on 10 years. We got married in small garden area right on the intercoastal waterway with yachts from the marina passing by. There were candles lighting the area and blue and purple orchids for decoration. The father of one of my longtime friends performed the ceremony and there was over 115 people watching as we said our vows to each other. We also bought our first home a week before we tied the knot and are currently trying to get all the renovations done before we start a family of our own. I couldn't imagine my life without him, my classmate, my best friend, my high school sweetheart, my husband, my sole mate, and hopefully soon the father of my children.

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