Friday, August 5, 2011

We Heart Sand Dollars!

Our last day on vacation. Which explains the lack of posts (my true apologies). I've had so much time to relax and clear my mind this past week. It's been beautiful and life changing. I have some great ideas for this blog that once I'm home, settled, I will then share with everyone! There will be new photos added soon to my Etsy Shop from Maine. They are so peaceful ♥

One of my favorite times in Maine are waking up with Charlie and head down to the beach before the sun comes up. It's a great feel to walk along the beach while less than a handful of other people area out. The anticipation of the sun rising and what colours it'll reflect along the water its a feeling I've had time and time again. We also search for sand dollars. We never find a lot which means it's always one each, haha. I know other people who find close to 100 each year the come. We are just not that lucky.