Tuesday, August 16, 2011

. . . .

Oh no, it's Tuesday!

If you're thinking the same thing as me then it's just been 'one of those days' as the singer Monica sings.

Not every day is a good day. Not every good day is a perfect one. Some days.. we can wake up with the best intentions of staying positive and not letting things get to you. As easy as it sounds and I preach it all the time, it's inevitable that negativity will continue pushing back every time you try to jump over an obstacle. So the best remedy for a cruddy kind of day? Smiling. And how do you make yourself smile? I'm sure you can gather a list of things or people that can make you smile. Me? It's Peanut, my little man. He's the cutest little fuzzball and with his welcoming kisses and little wagging nub of a tail it seems to wash away the worries from today. Adios bad day, Adios Tuesday!