Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Before and After

So I enjoy changing my hair a lot. You may remember this post. If you haven't you'll see my hairstyles throughout the years. I always want to let it grow, then I want to cut it off. Then I cut it off and cry that I wish I let it grow out. I change my mind constantly, as I'm sure many of you do to.

I decided to pick the worst hair picture I have for a 'before'.. you know like they do on those makeover shows. It was messy that day because of the wind and lack of letting my hair dry without straightening it.

Yesterday, after I made a big decision that will change my life (I'll tell all about it in a future post).. I needed another change. My neighbor is a hairdresser and did my hair once before. She put some highlights in it and the a trim. After she trimmed it I thought, nah let's go shorter. 4 inches later there was a pile of my thick locks on the ground. I really love it. Change is good. It's healthy ♥ So is mah hair ;)

If you would like to share a little before and after in your life.. feel free to link it up here!