Thursday, September 22, 2011

One Moment

It's amazing how one moment changes your life.
Decisions you make.
Where you are standing.
Turning your head in a particular direction and what you see.
The people you meet.
Hearing a name for the first time that is unique to you.
A newborn, a new life.
Getting drenched from the rain.
Being under an umbrella and staying dry.
Using the elevator instead of the stairs.
Forgetting to shut a door and a mosquito gets in. Getting bit.
Forgetting to turn off a curling iron. Getting burnt.
Leaving one moment late only to be right behind and accident.
Leaving one moment early only to avoid an accident.
Neglecting to tell someone how you feel.
Giving someone a hug.
Receiving a hug.

This week has been full of those moments. Good and bad. ♥
Love you all!