Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sponsor Love: Blonde Out Loud

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Hi everyone! I started blogging over with another site to chronicle my time in business school for myself and for my family to keep up. My life took a big turn last summer when my brother unexpectedly passed away and I found myself writing more as a way to express my feelings and put my mind elsewhere once in a while. And let me tell ya, it helped! 

You can find all kinds of things on my blog throughout the week including Blonde Moment Mondays. In that weekly feature, I like to share blonde moments that I have either committed myself or have witnessed – sometimes by my mom! You can also read about the BE STRONG for Dan Campaign that is devoted to supporting a friend that was in a plane crash this summer. We’re making bracelets and distributing them across the country and around the world!
I do a lot of dog sitting for my friends and family, so once in a while there may be guest cameos from my friends Luna Pup & Daisy Mae, Rusty Burger or Ollie Monster.
Through writing my newest blog, Blonde Out Loud, I’ve made such wonderful friends including our own dear Katie. It’s been fun having a new network of friends that keep me grounded and entertained!