Wednesday, March 2, 2011

29 Gifts: Day 7

"Remember who you are and where you came from; otherwise, you don't know where you're going."

Day 7: Tonight my sister and I helped my mom move some of my Aunt's belongings. My mom has an identical twin (truly identical in every way it's so cute). They also have a younger sister who is handicapped with Cerebral Palsy. She's currently at a facility after having yet another surgery. Her complex that she lives in is setting her up with a better apartment that will be much more helpful for her moving around. While she's inpatient we are getting her new place set up.

I guess I could say that's the gift. Giving a hand, helping out.. but that wasn't what I felt was a gift..

While we were packing up boxes I came across various photos and little knick-knacks. I love anything with history, it's beautiful and just gives me happy goosebumps. As I have written numerous times here I simply adored my grandparents. I grew up next to my father's parents and of course visited my mom's mother weekly.  Sadly, I never got the opportunity to meet my Grandpa (my mom's father) as he passed away when she was young. It made me smile when moving some of my Aunt's items seeing this photo of him.

He was so handsome. [Charles Day]

Then as we were packing items in the kitchen up I was slowly taking each piece of paper and magnet off the refridgerator. There were old magnets that belonged to my Grandma once upon a time. There were a few photos and of course the normal notes you leave to yourself on the fridge in hopes that they'll remind you.. but you always forget about. The first photo that caught my eye was of my Grandma where she worked long ago.

I miss her smile. [Virginia Day]

The last item I placed in the box made my eyes tear. I was unsure how it happened to be the very last thing I took off my Aunt's fridge as I did not see what was on the back. I'm wondering if my Grandma was watching over me waiting for me to see it. It was the card from her funeral back in 1997. My Grandma as did both my dad's parents passed away from cancer. It was tough endings for them all but they were all fighters.

Today my gift is Remembrance. To remind everyone, remember where you came from. I've talked so much about keeping memories alive. You always want those positive thoughts to keep going. History is so important.  

However, sometimes we have to remind ourselves of the bad times. Especially, when it comes to death and what's behind it. As my family has a long history of cancer I try to protect myself by keeping myself healthy in different ways. It's sad that we learn from other people's lives especially when it's those so close to us. Ask questions, talk to your parents about your families history. Most of all take care of yourself.

I wish my grandparents were still here. I wonder what life would be like if they were. I will continue to keep their memories alive and living my life through their lessons.

I wish you all a happy evening ♥