Friday, March 18, 2011

Mother Nature.. You Rock Girlfriend!

I cannot the beauty of today. The beauty that Mother Nature gave to us. Here in New England it was warm and sunny. Comfortable enough to lay down on a beach, not necessarily go swimming but you know what I mean. This weekend Charlie and I get to ourselves. No set plans or commitments, just us. We haven't had this in so long due to his awkward schedule when he was working nights & weekends (terrible combination).

We have however been truly lucky in our 9+ years of being together. We have ventured out in the car and found amazing places such a lakes, trails and memorable scenery. Tomorrow may be one of those days and I promise to share with you whatever pictures come about.

Today I share just a few pictures that make me smile. I took photos for a couple last weekend for their 'Save the Date'. Since I got to our meeting spot early I decided to take a few shots.

This was my first photo of the day. I looked up and boom, the awesomeness of the view hit me! ♥

I was truly thankful for the sun. There's nothing worse then having plans to take photos and it's gloomy out. That tree might be rather naked but I think it's perfect. ♥

So I never heard of this story nor did I get a chance to go in there. My Charlie was walking around while I took photos and of course I would make eye contact with this store 'Charming Charlie' ♥