Sunday, March 6, 2011

That's Love: Coming Together

I am very excited to kick off the new feature, That's Love with a story I received back in December. My lovely friend sent this to me 3 days shy of Christmas and I held onto it with the thought of having a feature that the story would fit perfectly into.

Coming Together

 Story submitted by : Maine Mummy @

I work for a school Superintendent's office and this week our High School Chorus Teacher was giving a tour of the school to some chorus members. Well, she forgot to lock her office and when she got back all the money was missing from her purse. Being Christmas she had an inordinate amount of cash on hand and so it was a pretty devastating loss. Word got around. The next day during Chamber Singers she was presented with a pile of money that had been collected throughout the building from teachers, students, custodial and secretarial staff -  $491.00 -  replacing the cash that had been taken.  The cafeteria staff also brought her hot chocolate, food, tea, and 20 Toboggan Tripler Maine Lottery Tickets, each of which has the potential to win up to $3,000.00. Her comment when thanking everyone was this... "Suffice it to say that one person with greed in his or her heart did not triumph yesterday."

This on the same day that for the third year in a row a wealthy local businessman has sent a Secret Santa to goodwill and other places to hand out $10,000 in $100 bills.

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