Thursday, March 24, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

I've been dying to join in on The Daybook's fabulous Thursday feature. By the time I remember, it's Friday. This week though, I made it. Well, it's Thursday and I'm ready!


-- Singing in the car on my way home from work, stopped at a light. I got really into it where I rocked my head side to side and peering over to my right an older gentleman was staring at me. Not even a smile! So I waved.
-- Walking out of the bathroom really fast at work just to get 'trampled' by a herd of people leaving a meeting. I attempted 5x (I counted) to get past the line. I had to wait in front of the bathroom as if I was a bouncer.
-- I may or.. may not still have my Christmas wreath up on my front door, that I made.
-- Asking someone the same question within an hour period of time, just to have them say "Katie, you just asked me this."
-- Taking out all of the patio furniture just for it to snow.
-- Walking bye someone at work who said "Hi, how ya doing?"... I then replied "Thank you."

-- Getting more items to finalize two fabulous House Warming Gifts for some of my besties.
-- Discovering an amazingly scented candle which I of course used as one of the gifts and bought one for myself. ;) (Yankee Candle: Pink Sands)
-- Getting a phone call from my favorite cousin at midnight (yes, that's technically today and he's an hour behind me) and talking for almost an hour. I was tired but it was worth the sleepy eyes today.
-- Feeling the sun on my face the moment I walked outside this afternoon.
-- Having a perfect weekend planned, dancing and singing with friends tomorrow. Saturday going to my first Wine Vineyard with another couple. I should re-write this and just say, Living life with Charlie ♥