Sunday, March 13, 2011

That's Love: The Love Police

I apologize for how long it's been since I last wrote. I put together something wonderful to share with you all on this beautiful Sunday. Last year I told Charlie that I wish I could stop working and travel. When I say travel it was not for my own pleasure of seeing all the beauty in the world. It was to go out there, meet people and help spread the word of Love.

As impossible as it seemed to me thinking of getting up, quitting my job, leaving our home and just venturing out.. I feel in a way it could be feasible. Perhaps, someday. Charlie then showed me this video that truly inspired me. Shortly after I created my blog. There this guy named Charlie (not my Charlie, not to confuse you) who is apart of a group called 'The Love Police'. I wish I knew where to sign up! So I saw this video and it was amazing. This man walking on a NY subway that is by far a miserable place at times for anyone to be and working to cheer everyone up. I hope you enjoy, to me..That's Love!

I know we always say we don't have time but even if you watch a little of each I promise you'll be inspired. This first video is approximately 6 minutes and Charlie (the fellow from The Love Police) talking about why they travel and make their videos.

This video was the first one I saw, that my Charlie had shown me.