Saturday, March 5, 2011

New Feature!

Hello all you beautiful people! I hope that you are having a great weekend and living it up! I have so many ideas in my head for some really wonderful features on Love is Everywhere. Tonight, I share with you something new and exciting. Everyone knows about the Love Stories feature which I can assure you will always be here! Any feature I start here will have no expiration date, I promise ♥ I will share the stories as they are received.

My drive for this blog has grown over time. I enjoy writing and sharing my life with all of you. I adore reading about each and every one of you and being given the beautiful opportunity to post your love stories. I want this to keep growing. I want a Love Movement, that's my goal. To reach as many people as possible and spread the love. I really hope that it has made an impact on all of you who read this blog. Whether you stop during your day to embrace a moment or smile at a stranger... to expressing your gratitude to others and appreciating your own life even more than before.

The brand new feature that I am adding to Love is Everywhere is called.... drumroll.... oops dropped a drumstick.... ;)

That's Love!

So what exactly is 'That's Love' about? Simple, my friends. What I would love for you to share is anything around you that you feel is an act of love. It could be someone that inspired you by something they did, perhaps something you did yourself that you feel great for doing. It could be an amazing story you saw on your local news that you want to share. Because we don't always see the same news. There is so much beauty in the world, that not all of us get to see. I'm inspired all the time by others actions and my first thought is... "Wow.. now That's Love". If you have a story whether it's your own, one your heard, something you saw or even something you have planned for the future and want to spread the word please send it my way. 

We all have the power to do something inspirational. We have all witnessed something. It's just, sometimes, we need to be reminded of this. By reading each others stories it will help us to take a step back next time we witness or do something great. Here is an opportunity to do so. 

This is very similar to how the Love Stories work. You can send your story via email to me at If you would like to include pictures you are more than welcome to! For more details click on the cute new button for That's Love! ♥


I'm very excited to begin this new journey with all of you. Together we can bring love, beauty and tons of positivity here and spread it all out everywhere!