Thursday, March 31, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

Since my life is pretty awkward, I've been looking forward to Thursday just to write about my daily events!
Note: This chair.. the one I'm sitting in.. soaking wet believe it or not. Yes, I had to change my pants :)

---Eating dinner at my Cousin's. She was in the cooking and I hear the 'dinner bell'. I actually thought there was some bell she hit in her kitchen to be funny. I stood up then to realize it was her phone making a noise after receiving a message.
---Talking so fast after taking a gulp of soda (yes I'm back on soda, oops).. and a mini burp came out. I excused myself and no one made any comment. That's more awkward than something saying something, lol.
---Sending a much needed email out to someone. Proofreading the entire email (first time ever, I know).. then proceeding to send it since your pressed for time. Then realizing it was to the wrong person. Dang.... I plead the 5th on that one!
---There's someone in my work that knows my name and I see very rarely. Each time though I get that sweet 'Hello, Katie'... I still don't know what their name is! That happened today, but it's past the point of asking who they are.

---Leaving a delicious Pizza Restaurante with another couple.. my girlfriend and I hear the sweet sound of Bryan Adams over the radio and we begin singing. We head outside where you can no longer hear his voice but we continue on singing. We all hop in the car and I say 'I'll find Bryan on the radio..." I did and we continued our song ;)
---Had a fabulous home cooked meal by my lovely cousin, Jenn and indulging in some Reisling Wine, mmm.. Sadly, this girl here (muah) is no a cook!
---Having a night in, dinner & a movie with one of my besties tomorrow tomorrow who is due the first week in May. Can't wait! ♥
---Getting to discuss some Photography opportunities with a company over the past week. Things are looking up!