Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Animal House!

I wasn't sure what to title this post, I needed something clever but Animal House is all that came to me. The movie of course is what came to mind. Let me reference the quote "When parents are away the kids will play". That's exactly what happened at our home yesterday while we were both working. Enjoy the story :)

We keep in a high cabinet a black little tray filled with: Sugar packets for coffee, Apple cider packets, some medicine bottles, Cupcake sprinkles and of course.. a bag of Catnip. Our eldest cat Nevan is the only one besides Charlie and I that knows how to open cabinets. Yes, he's smarter than he looks. This is what I walked home to.

  I guess the kitchen floor wasn't fun partying grounds. So they brought the festivities over to the couch.

Notice all of the Catnip dispersed and sprinkles. The cute little puppy you see all the time cracked open the sugar!
Suspect #1

Suspect #2?

Suspect #3?

Rolling around in the Catnip. What a life!

 If only this was all on video. I bet it would have been hilarious and perhaps won on Funniest Home Videos? :)