Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I ♥ Hair!

I did something new today, spur of the moment I should say. I wrote a post back in July showing various hairstyles of mine through the years. Hair Post. Well, I've cut and coloured my hair since I was in my teens. I have gone to the hair salon a few times (enough to count on two hands) as well some fabulous friends of mine have done my hair.

Confession time.. I have not used a blow dryer on my hair since last summer, June to be exact. I also, stopped combing my hair. I know you're picturing someone with dreads, lol? I stopped blow drying my hair because I didn't like what it was doing, drying it out. I stopped combing my hair because it seemed to just rip my hair out, awful feeling. So after I wash my hair I run my fingers through it and get out all the snarls. My hair has never been healthier than it's become over this past year. I gave my hair a break so to speak!

So today, after leaving work I decided to head over to a hair salon. Nothing special, quick & cheap was what I was looking for. I just wanted a little, teeny, tinsy trim as I'm trying to grow it out as long as possible until I get sick of it ♥ I also, needed it thinned really badly. I normally do that myself but I have not picked up a pair of scissors to my hair in some time and wasn't ready to go through that ordeal.

The hair stylist put serum in my hair while she started small talk. Immediately the fragrance took me over. I asked her what it was that she just used. She said '.. Its a miracle serum.. really it's a miracle.. you don't even need to condition your hair... just put a little in after you shampoo it". I was intrigued as I'm trying to minimize what I put in my hair. $12 later for the trim & thin and $20 more later I went home with light weight hair and this amazing serum.

I wanted to share this with you, if you ever swing by a salon. Grab a bottle! Of course, it's only the first day I'm using it but I LOVE it already ♥ I'm officially taking conditioner out of the shower and I'll be replacing it with this serum for a while to see what difference it makes.

The product is called: it's a 10 - Miracle Styling Serum (alcohol free..woop woop!)
Photobucket ITS A 10 by It's a 10: MIRACLE STYLING SERUM 4 OZ 

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