Friday, April 1, 2011

29 Gifts: Day 8

"No gift to your mother can ever equal her gift to you - life"

Day 8:  Growing up I was a lucky girl, I know that. My parents are extremely loving and always got us what we needed. We weren't spoiled and we weren't rich but they always did what they could for us. In return my sister and I have always been appreciative of that. They're wonderful. 

Last weekend I went with two of my co-workers to Magic Wings which as quite the experience. I wrote about it here. After we ventured through the land of butterflies we searched for a place to eat. The Yankee Candle Factory was right up the road and my friend raved about the restaurant there. I was in shock when I heard about this restaurant because of one reason. The Yankee Candle Factory is my mom's first favorite place (second is the Christmas Tree Shop). We've gone here many a many a many years and never once did we ever go to the restaurant.

Below is the 'oh mah gawd it was so flippin' good' Restaurant!

So after we ate a fabulous meal we shimmied over to the Yankee Candle Factory. Immediately, I felt guilty. I felt this way because I've always gone there with my Mom and she wasn't there to enjoy the moment. I knew what had to be done. Find her some cute little gifts to bring back home... and so I did!

Below is a spray for linens and all that jazz with the scent of Home Sweet Home. As well my new favorite candle 'Pink Sands' that I had to share with my Mama. Notice the adorable candle holders ♥