Monday, April 18, 2011

29 Gifts: Day 10

"Nothing is worth more than this day" -Goethe

Day 10: Back on December 19th I wrote this post. A wonderful friend that I met 5 years ago when I began my job was diagnosed with Melanoma. She's been fighting it since. She has been so strong and I admire her. This is a woman who has always and continues to put everyone around her first even with the battle of her cancer.

This past week they discovered that the cancer had spread and the news was given just a few days prior to her Birthday. Two of my friends that were with me back in December to visit her when she was inpatient ventured to see her again. We went to bring the celebration of her birthday to her. We spent Sunday making her laugh, listening to her stories, sharing our stories and eating cake! She wanted us to take pictures, lots of them and that we did. We decorated her room and gave her gifts. Also, there were numerous cards that people at work signed and passed around that just brought the biggest smile to her face, she lit up. It was beautiful.

The entire day was inspiring and quite memorable. To be with someone that has so much appreciation for life, that truly believes that love keeps us alive. I felt at peace being with her. I ask that everyone say a little prayer if you have some time. A prayer that her amazing strength does not weaken. A prayer that she does not stop smiling. Please send your love in those prayers. ♥ I thank you for that!