Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Starting with You

So we all know that quote that goes a little something like this "in order to love others you need to love yourself first"... I agree and disagree with this little phrase.

I lack confidence as many people too. I do have some confidence it's just only in certain areas of my life and self. Do I love myself? Yes (with a slight pause of hesitance). I need work though, a lot of work. I could love myself more, that's for sure. Even with lacking some love for myself I am still able to care and show love to others with all of me. As well, I know there's special people in my life that care about me in return.

I think that quote was meant to wake us up a little. To kick us in the butt because there's always room for improvement, right? I have a few goals this year, one being figuring out what I want to do, career wise. The other is feeling comfortable in my skin. In a nutshell, working on the areas that I do not love so much about me and doing a bit of remodeling inside and out.

I've been so happy because I bundle away all the negativity in my life and let shine what is good. It's time for some spring cleaning ♥ It all starts with You! Once You are happy it's very easy to see the beauty around us. Are there things you want to work on in your life?