Friday, April 8, 2011

What do you Love?

Happy Friday to everyone. If you aren't working this weekend, that means all that stress that you've been dealing with the past few days is either on hold or vamoosh! It's time to enjoy these days that we're given to catch up on chores (yuck), run around like crazy doing errands.. I hope though you find some time to enjoy the things you LOVE!

The beautiful colours of fruit...

A very, very clean kitchen... that will not stay like this for too long, but I can at least enjoy the moment!

My curtains that are only a few weeks old. I love the light that hits them causing a pretty tint of yellow in our Living Room..

Did I mention that tonight is Ladie's Night?! Oh yes.. you know what that means...

Sticking with the theme... what I really love is the beautiful decor that two of Charlie & I, besties bought us. I've had it on the counter so all could see but I finally figured out the perfect spot!

All of the lovely compliments that you all leave. I truly appreciate each and every one ♥