Friday, April 29, 2011

Three Words!

I woke up this morning, hopped out of bed and then I realized as I yelled out.. "Oh no, it's Friday!?" Charlie said, "yep". What a disappointment it was find out that it wasn't quite Saturday. Jumping ahead, today being Friday was A-O-K in my book! 

We've left the windows open for days now and let me just say how amazing that is. You can feel life through the breeze and this morning was extra special as I stood in the hallway listening to the birds chirping the sweetest melody. It literally took me to another place. I wish I could have recorded it and even what I'm hearing now. They are just as excited as we are to be in the presence of spring. I feel like it's Christmas and they are all caroling outside. 

I leave you with three words today. Three simple thoughts that I hope you take in this weekend and experience. Excuse the definitions as I made them up because I'm just not digging Webster today ;) ♥

Giggle: the sound you make when something totally amuses you or you find quite odd and you just can't hold it in. I seemed to be doing this all day today and it feels good. My cheeks hurt and I love it!
Adore: the act of tilting your head to the side and unable to hold back a smile because you just love what you're looking at!. This does not only mean to love our family and furry pets, but the nature around us. Enjoy it all, appreciate & simply adore it!
Smile: it's the best facial expression anyone can have and it's when you look your best. It causes your eyes to squint, your cheeks to chunk up, nose scrunches and teeth shine!