Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Events in History

I'm not quite sure what pushed me to do so, but I decided to look up April 26th. I did this in search of some fabulous event in history that occurred on this day. Instead I found dreadful, sad events in history along with cancellations of TV Shows and then of course Hollywood Weddings. So with that said, not all was bad but nothing stuck out to me enough to tilt my head and smile.

So today I challenge all of you, to make today your day. To do something out of the norm to remember April 26th for no other reason than how you make it. We can really do this on any day, but just because I was so disappointed with the lists that appeared we need to make this day go down in history for something positive.You make your own special piece of history.

I too need to find something to remember today for. Please share with me anything you do. Whether it's busting out singing in a huge crowd (oh I love that one!) or simply experiencing something new with loved ones. Somehow we need to remember April 26th ♥

By the end of the day I will share what I have accomplished today. I hope you'll share as well ♥