Thursday, April 21, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

Hello to all you beautiful bunnies! Yes I said bunnies as I'm seeing them everywhere I look ♥ I have to say that since I began joining in the lovely Sydney in her fun Thursday feature I pay more attention to my silliness. I cracked up all day at stupid things I did and the first thought that came to my mind was.. I can't wait to share this!!

*  My car was on empty (oops) and shimmied to the gas station. Put my debit card in and entered my secret pass code. When the machine was ready for me it lit up and balloons flew in the air. Okay, I"m just kidding but it did it's 'Let's pump some gas' beep. So I fill up my tank and then the machine shuts off. I walked inside and the cashier seemed to be expecting me. They didn't say sorry or explain what happened. They just said, you're all set. Awkward right?
*  I should mention that leaving the gas station I walked out of my right heel, yes.. week after week the same occurrence.
*  At work someone handed me papers. I must have had a foggy minded moment because I held my hand out and say 'These me are papers?". If that wasn't bad enough, I laughed, the woman handed me the papers laughed and I went to correct my statement and all's that came out was.. "These me are my papers?" What is wrong with me, lol?
*  Laying on the deck swing with Peanut while eating a fruit roll up. It took me a minute to realize Peanut was watching me the whole time licking his lips. Sorry Peanut, no fruit roll up for you!
*  Reminding my family for a few months to call to book a room for when we go to PA for my cousin's Wedding in May. I was on everyone's case. Then I realized this past weekend I never booked a room, lol! There was only 2 left, so Charlie and I will get a room with 2 queen beds. It'll be nice to have my own bed! ♥

*  My fabulous, loveable and favorite Aunt is visiting from Michigan for the week. There is just something about her presence that puts our entire family in a sweet mood. When our Memere passed away my Aunt filled her shoes. She's a beautiful soul. ♥
*  Since my Aunt is here we'll be having a HUGE Easter. Normally, Easter in our family is just amongst the individual families. We save the big gatherings for July 4th and Christmas. Needless to say, I'm extremely stoked for Sunday (pictures will be posted, I promise).
*  The amount of time that Charlie and I are able to spend together since he started his new position. I'm so thankful for it. I love him so much. He's so awesome!
*  In 10 days my best friend, Alisha will be having her baby boy RJ. It's making me antsy!
*  Finally filling some empty photo frames in our house with pictures!
*  My lovely friend Lisa will be teaching me how to use my 'Easy Sewing Machine'. That way I can get more into my fun projects. I can't wait to leave the beginner's circle!
*  This past weekend we had a party for our two besties who will be heading out to San Diego after their baby is born. We had our group of friends over, had a ping pong tournament, ate baked ziti, pizza, had wine. It was a memorable night!