Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sponsor Love: Lily Love

When did you begin blogging and what inspired you?  I started in the beginning of '10 and EVERYTHING inspired me. But it was mostly fashion and photography that really got me started.

What would you like to accomplish in life?  I really want to become an elementary school teacher. I've always wanted to be one. And because I know I still can be one, I'm really wanting to go back to school in fall. 

Is there something you do to 'de-stress'?  Yes! In this order: warm shower, hot tea and a really good movie or book. Works all the time!

Do you have any advice for other bloggers who are just starting off?  Do what you want. Write about what you want, post whatever you want and stay inspired. Also, I have a visual inspiration board that I use to keep me inspired...make one! Your blog will thank you later. You'll thank me later too ;)

Is there someone you look up to in life? Are they famous or close to you and why?  Other than my parents, I really look up to Bethany Joy Galeotti. She plays Haley James Scott on "One Tree Hill" and she has this amazing heart to see great things done in this world. She holds herself with class and completely removes herself from the status quo of today's "celebrity world". I love reading her blog...not only is it funny, but I've learned so much from her! (www.bethanyjoy.com)

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